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Allow me to set the stage. Christmas is a really big deal in our home. I am a carol singing, light viewing, It’s a Wonderful Life crying kinda woman… We do not take the holidays lightly in our home. ┬áIt’s already an epic struggle that we currently reside in the snowless tropical paradise of south Florida. My husband seems fine with this, but this must be simply because he has lost his focus. Christmas is not ok without snow, obviously.

So each year about June I come running into my family and tell them I have a wonderful idea for the Christmas card. It’s usually met with a number of additional ideas and conversation. Once we are all content with the idea, it goes on the calendar as a family portrait session. Before you think that I am super on top of life and plan ahead extremely far ahead, let me give you a reality. I am a wedding and portrait photographer in the West Palm Beach area. Here is the thing. We can totally be friends in July and August, call me, I’d love to hang out. But basically September 1st I’m not available for like 6 to 9 months… lol! Because of this very odd season, it’s wise to plan ahead. The plan was that we would shoot it and then I would take it to the computer to digitally finish it. Then we order cards by the end of September and I brag to all my friends about how on top of it I am.

Did that happen??? No. No, it did not.

The attempt was that I had this crazy idea that what we needed to do this year was add a tad bit of humor. Apparently, I think I’m much too serious during the rest of the year. Ha. I wanted a 50’s esk / Norman Rockwell inspired Christmas dinner scene. It was on the calendar, it was all planned out. Sigh.

Our photo session did happen on the date planned. It ended up with about 20 different images that I composted into our one Christmas card image. The shoot itself was as to be expected. Yelling kids, a dog who was super confused as to why he was sitting at the table with us, and reflectors falling down everywhere. Chaos, basically. It went from there to my computer while it sat completely ignored while I got busy editing other people’s photos. The good news is everyone lived and in the end, I do love the look of the image. And most of all, the memories and chaos attached to it.

There are a ton of images in this blog. Our fun Christmas throwback photo, our “real” family portrait, tons of decor found around my house, amazing bokeh (because that’s what Christmas trees are for after all!!) and at the very bottom a few outtakes of the card making process.

But more than anything, I just want to wish you and yours a very amazing week full of joy, laughter, yelling kids and hopefully a whole lot of twinkling bokeh… I mean lights of course. Thanks for being a part of our lives. I am able to do what I do because of friends like you. Merry Christmas, friends. Enjoy.


This is probably my most favorite Christmas card! I say probably because at the moment I’m failing to remember previous years! You know I totally get the Christmas card struggle!! Already started planning next years!
Love all these beautiful pictures especially the advant stockings… makes my heart smile
Merry Christmas to you and yours

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