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I have to say, I am still caught in the conundrum of all things south Florida. You see, I have this internal clock thing that happens in January every year. When the calendar flips, I begin to get really introspective and reevaluate life and all things visionary, both personal and photography.

When we lived in California, this was a perfect set up. Wedding season was conveniently located from May until September. November began family portraits and February started off all my High School and College senior portraits. January was a month used for coffee by the fire, looking out at the snow and writing down dreams and goals. Basically, reevaluating life and the purpose behind what I do. Awesome.

So…. now that I live in the very tropical south Florida, this whole routine is 100% destroyed, except my internal-whatever doesn’t seem to realize that. My current reality is that I am smack in the middle of the ever present south Florida wedding season. There is no snow to gaze lovingly at. All my quiet, introspective, introvert-ish dreams are basically crushed under the pressure of what do they call that? Oh yes, life. (I wink enthusiastically at you and then cry…)

Why do I share all of this with you?? Well, because I’m assuming you’re also currently experiencing life. I thought, perhap, you might relate. I also thought, perhaps, you’d like to know why I fell off the earth a little on the blogging wagon. Listen… I’m working on climbing back on… I just have to find it first. Has anyone seen it?? Sigh.

All that being said, today’s blog is just a little welcome back to myself. Why, thanks so much (if I do say so)…. It’s also a little accountability. Here’s what I mean. I’m sharing a few of the goals I set for myself both personal and business this year.

Why? I have no clue.

Perhaps, because I think that the more I just put it out there, the more I’ll need to hold my own butt to the fire and work on such things. Because, I know I’m surrounded by friends in both the creative community as well as my beautiful brides that are the kind of people that I want to share my heart with. Because, it’s January and I’m super weird about this stuff right now. 😉

This is a little list of the few goals I jotted down both for my photography studio as well as my personal life;

  1. Meet new amazing brides. (This one might seem obvious, but cultivating amazing relationships with really amazing brides is SUCH a huge deal to me that I include it in my goal list right on the top, every year.)
  2. Submit images for competition. (Each year there are a few big photography competitions held by the professional photography organizations. I’ve never really had a desire to enter until I watched the judging last year. It was AMAZING to hear these world class judges critique world class images. I always want the images I create to be significant and part of a legacy. I strongly believe that takes constant growth and challenge to myself. I can’t ever get ‘comfortable’ in where I’m at. I do love pushing myself to grow and learn and I think this will be a big learning moment. Eeeeeek. It also makes me nervous.)
  3. Be more personal on social media. (Say what?? Ok, ya I know that sounds odd. It actually takes a lot of courage to be my #quirkyself all over Instagram…. BUT, if it helps me connect with brides that are also #quirky and obsessed with coffee, I’m putting myself out there. Oh… everyone already  knows about my coffee thing already?? 😉 Well… I’m going to work on sharing more personal life with the world. Like, things besides my love of all things coffee.)
  4. Three styled photography projects. (Three separate projects that are for no one else but me and any other creatives involved. It’s super easy to get busy doing fun stuff for clients. But while those things are wonderful and amazing, they’re not necessarily my vision. I find I need some room to really create and think way outside the box. It helps me tremendously to grow for my clients and brides, and it helps me to continue to fall in love with photography, an important characteristic for a wedding photographer. 😉 Last year my goal was to do 5 styled photography sessions, I found time to make 1 happen!! LOL So… my plan is to lower the goal this year and see how we do. )
  5. Read at least 12 books this year. (My hope for this one is to learn to grab for the book before the cell phone. Much as I love reading, and other such quite moments, I feel like it’s so easy to go for the ‘instant’ flip through Instagram before the 3 pages of a book. I know I’m modeling for my children with every glance at that screen and I want to model it in balance.)

Well, that’s probably more than you ever cared to know anyway 😉 but I’m so curious, do you guys feel this way about the turning of the new year? Did you make goals or resolutions? Or are you completely judging me?? Just kidding. But seriously….

The final thing I’ll say is that I’m so very excited to experience 2017 with you all. I’m excited to see how many things we accomplish and the relationships we meet along the way. Here’s to the new year, and getting back to blogging! 😉

Cheers friends.


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I love the way you write so much!!! Great goals, and so good to put them out into the universe! xo

Johanna, you’re so sweet! Here’s to attempting to goal set huh!? 😉

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