Laguna Beach Montage Engagement Session

I spend a whole lot of time with people who are in love. Victoria and Paul are quite obviously, just that. I suppose that becomes pretty clear if you just take one or two glances at them from our time together. A few things might not be quite as obvious, like the way they looked at each other in between the glances. I will say that most engaged couples are pretty adorable together, but you can tell that Victoria and Paul are definitely the type of people who are counting on spending their lives together.

Victoria and Paul’s Laguna Beach engagement session was near The Montage – Laguna Beach, California. This is one of my very favorite places in all the land (please use the appropriate Disney accent of your choice…) Many of you know that I am from Southern California originally and I love every opportunity I have to be back in that area working with couples. So, I was happy the moment I stepped out of the airplane (and directly into In ‘N’ Out, you know the one on Sepulveda, that was good planning…), but there is something extremely special when you meet someone like Victoria who’s willing to climb all over the rocks, laugh ridiculously hard and appreciate the view nearly as much as I do.

Of course, our team had gotten to know Victoria a little bit before we had met, but this was my first time connecting with Paul at all. I have to say, as someone who has been married for a really long time, I really love to see grooms that are just all about their girl. I don’t know why but it just feels so special to me to witness that kind of love. I loved watching how Paul was joking with her, how he looked at her, how he was concerned that she did not fall off rocks (something she didn’t seem to consider)… I think it’s really beautiful when you see a groom who clearly couldn’t imagine his life without the woman he’s going to marry. I don’t think that’ll ever get old for me no matter how long I’m a wedding photographer.

Laguna Beach, California

For those of you not familiar with this area of Southern California, allow me to brag about the Homeland, just a little bit. Laguna Beach, California has some of the most gorgeous coastlines you can imagine, especially right near The Montage Resort. Beautiful cascading shorelines, wildflowers as far as you can see, birds and wildlife everywhere, fresh ocean breezes. I sound like a realtor but I’m telling you, this stuff gives me life! If you ever have an opportunity to go visit or if you happen to have lived there and you have forgotten what you have next door, take a moment, grab a girlfriend and go enjoy it.

Another added bonus of this particular session is that Victoria is a photographer herself. It’s hard to express the pressure/honor that comes with the privilege of photographing another photographer. Not only is Victoria kind and super fun to be around – she’s also totally familiar with the creative process. Seriously, she’s a gem to be around. We chatted about photography, we chatted about wedding planning, we chatted about things that are important to us in life. Everything an engagement session should be. On that note, if you’re planning an engagement session and need some tips, you might find [this post helpful].

Victoria and Paul, it was an absolute joy to have you in front of my camera. Thanks for hanging with me, laughing with me, and watching me almost… but not quite…fall into the ocean at least four or five times. You guys are fabulous.


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