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      DEAR WYNWOOD WALLS, MIAMI portraits  If you put something bright and colorful in front of me, I will most likely become a very happy (and probably odd looking) creative type... READ MORE MCKENZIE + ANDREW weddings + engagements Mckenzie and Andrew are one of those couples that when you meet them, you immediately think; oh, these guys are fun. There is just something about t... READ MORE ADVENTURING IN THE RAIN + STALKING portraits Ah creating. Sometimes in the midst of creating for a living, you have to remember to take the time and actually create. I'm sure that if you foll... READ MORE FROM OUR FAMILY, TO YOURS personal   It has been a beautiful and very FULL year. I am continually grateful for the beautiful brides, couples, wedding vendors and photographer... READ MORE THE SECRET GARDEN WEDDING weddings + engagements Try not to laugh, but being a wedding photographer, not a writer, sometimes titling a blog post can be somewhat challenging. I'm more of a let's sit... READ MORE THE NEAR DEATH WEDDING weddings + engagements It is getting downright amusing how often I am tromping through the wilderness, eh, the tropical jungle... considering how little I actually care fo... READ MORE ADVENTURES WITH THE FASHION BLOGGER portraits So this is my dear friend Melissa. You may recognize her from the many times she has stepped in front of my camera... there was her first maternity... READ MORE OH DEAR, HOW DID I GET HERE?? education Although blogging is always one of my constant goals, and this year is no different, it can sometimes be a little bit of a stretch to stay on top of... READ MORE THE FIELD (AND THE BRAVE SOUTH FLORIDA NATIVE) portraits Let me tell you a little bit about me. Pull up a chair ladies, grab some coffee... I like.... pretty things. I am in awe of beautiful sights. I lov... READ MORE THE GREAT ADVENTURE AND THE FAILED SNOWFALL weddings + engagements I sat with a friend the other day, drinking coffee (of course) and chatting about life. We talked about weddings, how to serve and love people, the ... READ MORE