Sapphire Creek Winery Wedding

Sapphire Creek Winery Wedding

North East Ohio boasts three major wineries that work beautifully for wedding celebrations. Sapphire Creek is one of the most distinct and romantic-looking wineries in the Cleveland area and is set apart by its sleek modern lines and wood accents. It’s set in the Chagrin Falls, Ohio area and is set back on a secluded property that makes it a bit of a hidden gem. You could truly drive right by and not know it was there. 

Sapphire Creek is distinctive because of its garden setting with a statement fireplace and massive glass front that leads into one of the main rooms of the main building. One of my favorite things about Sapphire Creek is the massive floor-to-ceiling windows that are throughout the building and allow such beautiful light to flood so many parts of the venue. 

Ceremony Spaces 

One of the most popular spots for ceremony options is in the main garden. There are two main options one being slightly to the left of the venue, directly through the gate and the other (perfect for a smaller guest count) being underneath the permanent structure on the property. 

Sapphire Creek Wedding Costs 

Like other wedding venues, Sapphire Creek has a structure of pricing that represents seasonal pricing. For Sapphire, peak season means March through December. You’ll also find significant differences in Saturday pricing vs Midweek pricing. For example, to get married at the venue on a Saturday in June you’ll be looking at around $4300 for a 10-hour day. This will include full access to the property, tables, Chavari Chairs, linens (of basic colors with upgrades optional), access to the Bridal Suite and Groom Room, up-lighting, and set up and tear down. That same rental would cost $1000 less in January ($3300) or $3700 on a Friday in June, the middle of the week is even less.

If you’re not set on a Saturday wedding date they also have an option to add on hours the day before for setup or rehearsal of your event which could be a game changer for an especially elaborate ceremony or reception look where getting into the venue at a later time seems makes logistics nearly impossible.

Wedding Photos 

Sapphire Creek is filled with stunning spots for portraits. Outside of the building, you’ll find clean modern lines that make for beautiful portrait opportunities. The bridge with handing Edison lights, behind the venue itself there is an amazing grate that has a fantastic pattern as well. The gardens have green spaces surrounding the venue, with plenty to choose from most seasons of the year. The inside gives plenty of options as well. Think big beautiful windows and all the winery vibes. 

Bottom Line

As far as wineries go, this is a favorite. I love the intimate and hidden away feel that will allow you to feel like you’ve stepped away to a remote winery while not leaving Cleveland. The downside of this venue for me is not being able to enter before 10 am. There are times that it really can affect a couple’s timeline and because it’s a bit remote most things usually need to be done on location, so it really does matter. To me the solution is easy… get married on a Friday and get that extra time the day before! Otherwise, it’s a lovely venue with beautiful options for a fantastic celebration.


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