Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding


bride groom old courthouse cleveland wedding front steps

Am I going to tell you about Taylors beautiful Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding? Of course? And how she and Noah look like actual royalty walking down that gorgeous main staircase? Clearly. But let me start at the beginning and work my way there. Because nothing is quite as simple as it looks when you’re planning your wedding, am I right? 

From the moment I met Taylor, I knew we were going to be long-time friends. She came to the studio for our first appointment and we sat and talked for hours. Not about weddings, but about life. She’s a delightful person, one I highly recommend you spend time with. By the time I was photographing their engagement and we were adding Noah into the mix I was inviting myself over to their family BBQs for life. This is how I feel about these guys. They’re just the kind of couple that is welcoming and fun to be around. 

But then like everything else in life in early in 2020 it all sort of went off the rails. Taylor was faced with the decision that most 2020 and early 2021 brides were faced with. The question of what do I do with my big huge wedding in the midst of a global pandemic? Not an easy decision. 

They decided to do what many of you did which was split their wedding day up. This seems like a great option for a few reasons. Weddings are fun might as well stretch it out over a year, right? 

Intimate Church Ceremony

So that’s what they did. Their ceremony was an intimate celebration with their closest family and friends. It was especially significant because it took place on the same day that they met, only 5 years later. That was the date she was hoping for, it held so much meaning for them, and because of the change in plans, she was able to keep the date. 

They started with a small church ceremony filled with meaning and beauty, ended their ceremony with jumping the broom and heading for the Old Courthouse Cleveland

Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding

The Old Courthouse Cleveland is one of my favorite venues in Cleveland for a wedding. Well, I know I say that a lot but seriously the Courthouse has it all. A beautiful historic building, right in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Gorgeous tall ceilings, views from all sides, nooks and crannies everywhere you look,  oh and don’t forget the main staircase that you can make a royal entrance on? Ya, it’s a winner. 

Here is the thing though. A wedding venue has to fit you as a couple. Old Courthouse Cleveland fit Taylor and Noah perfectly. Sometimes there are moments that just look better on camera than they do in real life. This was not one of those moments, it was a moment where everything Taylor and Noah did just looked straight out of a movie. When he took her hand and walked her down the stairs?? Please. Please. This is how you should look and feel on your wedding day. 

Straight fire. 

Their day was filled with celebration, emotional moments, intimate moments, royal moments, and a brunch the following day for their parents. 

More to come

Next year they’ll celebrate with a couple hundred of their friends and dance the night away. 

It may not have been the original plan, but it was a beautiful one. 

Here’s to realizing what matters on your wedding day(s) and loving every second of it! Here’s to you, Taylor and Noah. <3

bride groom old courthouse cleveland wedding front steps bride groom old courthouse cleveland wedding front steps

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