Ohio Statehouse Wedding

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A Romantic Ohio Statehouse Wedding Editorial with a Monique Lhuillier Dress and Renaissance Painting-Inspired Details

The Ohio Statehouse is a perfect wedding venue to pull inspiration from the Renaissance painting period and fresh spring florals to contrast the strong architecture and massive size of the wedding venue. 

If anything says classic old-world beauty, this is it. 

The bride wore Monique Lhuillier’s Bloom dress with plenty of soft greenery and movement. Monique is one of my favorite designers to see on a bride specifically because of how her wedding dresses move. This is especially true when you have a wedding venue like the Ohio Statehouse where you have some room to really move around. Monique Lhuillier’s designs look stunning anywhere but to me, they’re showstoppers in historic wedding venues, next to strong architecture, and in garden settings. The Ohio Statehouse has a little bit of all three. 

The couple was joined by the sweetest Goldendoodle named “Sir Roosevelt” who wore a velvet bow tie and a leash with his name custom calligraphed on it. Have I unofficially named myself his ‘doggie-Godmother’? Yes, I have. Thank you for your congratulations, I’m in love. 😉 Pink spring cocktails, hand-lettered rose place cards, French pastries, and incredible florals from STEM Floral help complete this micro wedding inspiration at a fantastic wedding venue.

Weddings at the Ohio Statehouse in Downtown Columbus

The Ohio Statehouse is a true one-of-a-kind place for your wedding day. If you’re looking for a grand and historic wedding venue, it’ll be hard to beat this one. Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, the Ohio Statehouse has a little bit of everything for the right couple. One of my favorite things about the Statehouse, particularly on a wedding day is the sheer amount of hidden gems that lay around this wedding venue. 

The outdoor property is stunning, in the spring and summer with light greens and plenty of white stone in the background. Fall brings it’s beautiful colors and if you’re lucky enough to get a snow-filled day I think it’s safe to say this really is a four-seasons venue. Something of a treasure in the unpredictable Ohio weather! Everything from the stunning architecture and pillars that greet you on the outside of the building to the ornate details hidden in every corner of the building it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t make for a romantic corner for a beautiful portrait, or a grand display for a classic family portrait you’ll want to hand on your wall to mark the moment.

The reality is that wedding days tend to be a blur and it cannot be overly estimated what a value it is to have so many beautiful areas to work with on one property.  

Ohio Statehouse Wedding Ceremony Locations

This property offers two main areas for ceremony locations:


The Rotunda is easily the most show-stopping space within the Statehouse. This is most commonly used for wedding ceremonies it’s massive, reaching 120 feet to the top of the ceiling. It’s a blur of colors and light and simply a delight for your guests to take in. This is a perfect space if you’re looking for a classic, historic, or stately feel for your wedding ceremony. 

Atrium Interior

The Capitol Atrium is most often where the reception is set up. Although this can be switched up it makes sense that it’s normally set up this way. Because the Rotunda is a circle there is a lot to play with as far as seating goes where as the Atrium is a rectangle and pretty much yields itself to a more angler set up which is perfect for a reception. 

The Atrium wasn’t built when the rest of the building was, it was an open walk-through and is a far newer add-on, finished in 1993 as a connector between the Statehouse and the beautiful Senate Building. It has some of the most beautiful light during the day with reflective limestone. They did a great job making it feel just as grand as the other buildings with a touch more of a modern flair to it. 

Ohio Statehouse Wedding Photo Locations

As I mentioned before the photo locations are pretty much endless. Here are a few of the more defined ones but truly I think you could take portraits for days here with all the nooks and cranies.

Grand Stair Hall – One of the most beautiful spots for couple portraits within the building, an ornate and intimate setting. 

Statues And Monuments – The Statehouse is located in expansive green spaces, near beautiful quiet patios, flowering gardens, and monuments. With the background of Greek Rival Capitol Building outdoor portraits here are simply beautiful in the spring and summer months, and on the right fall days. 

Rotunda – This makes for beautiful grand images & exceptional formal family photos. 

Atrium Interior – Beautiful light here, great for large bridal parties

Literally every quiet corner – So many beautiful little spots, including benches, art hanging on the wall, and general architecture.

Ohio Statehouse Wedding Cost

The Ohio Statehouse offers a few different packages when it comes to wedding costs but to give you a general idea let’s start here. First, it’s possible to have your ceremony only or your reception only. This is great to know if you’re wanting to get married at a local church or temple and have the party at the Statehouse. Or if you want to have everything in one spot you can do that too. 

The wedding ceremony package is $3,500 and includes a number of things you might not think it would. An hour rehearsal time. Two hours of setup time, one-hour tear downtime, chairs, sound system and microphone, parking (which in Columbus is a big deal!), security, and the event coordinator. 

The reception package is $4,500 and includes a similar setup but also includes things like tables within the statehouse inventory and labor for setup and breakdown. 

Overall you’re looking at about $8,000 to have your Ohio Statehouse wedding with both the ceremony and reception, without the food and beverage. 

Food & Beverage

Another plus for having your wedding at the Ohio Statehouse is that they have a fairly large approved catering list for what might be considered typical for a venue of this caliber. This gives you lots of options when it comes to food and beverage which can be both fun and helpful. 

The approved caters include: 

  • The Berwick
  • Cameron Mitchell Premier Events
  • Freedom a la Cart
  • L.A. Catering
  • Metro Cuisine Catering & Special Events
  • Milo’s Catering and Banquet Services
  • Together & Company

Each one listed is a local Columbus company and all beverage services must be acquired through Milo’s Catering and Banquet Services no matter who caters your food service. 

Final Thoughts

Should everyone have an Ohio Statehouse wedding? Short answer, no. This is a very specific wedding venue for the right couple. But chances are if you love a timeless, classic look and feel… something romantic yet not heavy, something that is opulent but doesn’t outshine your personality…. You might fall in love with the Statehouse. It’s a beautiful wedding venue for the right couple and at the very least is worth a stroll in the gardens to check it out. 

[Click] for Sasha and Matvey’s video of the day.


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