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      Mary + Eric absolutely adored each other. You could see it with every glance they gave each other.

      This Fort Lauderdale lifestyle wedding was unique in so many ways. This was a second marriage for both the bride and groom. They both spoke of how it was a redemptive moment in their lives and the things that they were truly excited about. The bride was walked down the aisle by her three sons, each taking a turn and bringing her to the next son to take to the next. She said that her boys had helped her get to this day, walked with her through the hard things and there was nothing more appropriate than having them walk her to the man of her dreams. Love it.

      The venue they chose was a family home that the groom had visited even as a child. It had incredible sentimental importance for the family and they were so excited to have it incorporated into their day. It was actually a really fun venue for a very editorial and lifestyle photography feel that I wanted to get out of these images.

      And then of course, there was the beach. It’s a little hard to go wrong with a beach wedding in south Florida. When you’re standing on the oceans edge like that, surrounded by this incredible creation, it’s just frankly hard to top that. The weather was perfect and they were overjoyed to have reached this day surrounded by family and friends.

      Congratulations Mary + Eric, blessings as you start your adventure together! Enjoy.

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