Italian Destination Wedding

Paige and Cory’s Italian Destination Wedding

Paige and Cory’s Italian destination wedding was the epitome of romance and elegance. If you know either of these two you would know that they’re the kind of people that think of others before themselves. They’re both kind, selfless individuals, and this was something of a dream for both of them.

Obviously, an Italian destination wedding would be a dream for most people. But for Paige and Cory, the opportunity to step away and have time to celebrate each other in such a beautiful place was really everything they’d hoped for. Paige and Cory both have high-stress jobs. So I think the idea of having a wedding that was “out of reach” of everyday life was especially inviting. The couple chose to exchange their vows at a private estate on Lake Garda, Italy. It is known for its stunning natural beauty and romantic atmosphere. With picturesque views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, the estate was the perfect setting for this wedding day. The ceremony took place on the estate’s front steps, with the lake serving as the backdrop.

Why Italy? For starters, one of Paige’s best friends lives in Germany. And two, as I understand it, although most Americans flock to Lake Como for a lakeside Italian vacation, most Europeans summer in Lake Garda, which is how it got on Paige’s radar. The trick? Well, on top of planning a destination wedding (spoiler alert: much like all wedding planning, it can be tricky) this couple was doing in the middle of pandemic travel restrictions. Yes, the award for the calmest and the most pulled-together couple goes to…

The Small Touches

As a savvy modern couple, they spent over two years planning their dream destination wedding in Lake Garda, Italy.  It was through less-than-ideal times, yet, in the end, you could simply see the thought and effort that was put into it. Because of their planning, their friends and family enjoyed a dream week filled. It started with a pre-wedding trip to Venice, a welcome party on the water, and evenings in the estate’s private pool. Guests benefited from small touches as well. The custom information guides of the surrounding area were not only helpful, they matched the wedding decor.

The day before the wedding the groom was blown away when the bride surprised him with an Aston Martin. The rented it for the week and enjoyed time exploring the lake in their new wheels. Paige had been excited about this moment for literally, years, and I’m not sure if we were all more nervous for that moment or the actual vows! His face made all the planning worth it. The downside is that whenever anyone asks her about the wedding they ask her about the car, not her experience as a bride. 😉

The vows were pretty great as well. Paige and Cory were hoping for an outdoor ceremony.  Although it threatened to rain all week, it ended up being a gorgeous day and they got their wish. They’d asked their close friend Nathan to officiate, something that normally can make me a little nervous. Nathan however, should actually quit his day job and immediately become an officiant because he did such a fantastic job. He absolutely crushed his roles as both a bridesman and officiant.

Their whole ceremony was a beautiful mix of emotion, poetry, love, and loads of humor. The couple told us that their relationship was built on being able to laugh together, even when things were serious. As someone who has traveled with them, I can attest to that. They were always kind to each other and everyone around them. They were always humor-filled, too. Even when they found out that we’d missed the train because none of us spoke Italian to understand the unmarked train system well enough to not get on the wrong train. Ahem.

Italian Wedding Decor

The couple’s wedding day showcased the villa’s gorgeous surroundings. It included a Mediterranean theme with hints of lemon and olive greenery to tie into their surroundings. After the ceremony, guests were treated to a reception that was nothing short of beautiful. The estate’s grand living room was transformed into a reception area. Tables were decorated with beautiful floral arrangements with a Mediterranean theme. The menu for the evening was prepared by private chefs who took over the estate’s kitchens. They wowed guests with food that will not be forgotten any time soon.

Friends and family are deeply important for the couple so celebrating with the people they love and the guest experience was a huge priority. Not being fans of traditional cake and being in Italy, gelato took center stage. The evening ended with a private gelato cart for the guests to enjoy on the patio of the villa overlooking the lake. Obviously the highlight of my entire life night, I meant night.

The week was filled with incredible moment after moment. But a stand-out one for me was when we asked the couple to sneak out for a few sunset photos. It was the first moment Paige and Cory had alone since they said “I do”. Cory became noticeably emotional looking at his wife, and said “you’re just so beautiful“. How’s that for a fairytale ending?

Their family and friends celebrated and enjoyed the party long into the night concluding, not with the typical dance party but, with a pool party! That’s just another perfect way that this couple made their wedding day exactly what they wanted it to be. Unique and delightful. Just like them. Overall, Paige and Cory’s Italian destination wedding at a private estate on Lake Garda was a truly magical experience. The couple and their guests will always treasure the memories of this special week, set against the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of one of Italy’s most picturesque regions.

Paige and Cory, we’ll be forever grateful to have the many hilarious stories, amazing memories, and to have shared such incredibly important moments with you. We adore the two of you.

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