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      Jen + Kyle weddings + engagements Dear Jen + Kyle: I want to be you when I grow up.  Have you ever met people who you felt were just so genuinely kind you were almost stunned? T... READ MORE La La Land Engagement – Gabrielle + Jake weddings + engagements   When Gabrielle and I sat down to talk about her engagement images we had a lot of fun ideas that we were throwing around. However, thanks to the ... READ MORE Kelly + David Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding weddings + engagements Where do I begin with Kelly and David? These are two of the most compassionate and kind people you will ever meet. They were so in love and so exc... READ MORE Rachel + Peter Anniversary Session weddings + engagements One of the things that I absolutely love, that I think can be underrated in the wedding photography industry are unique events that are not weddin... READ MORE THE PROS + CONS OF OUTDOOR WEDDINGS education Wedding planning is full of decision-making. If you're anything like me… and to be clear, I'm someone who gets overwhelmed standing in front of th... READ MORE GOODWOOD MUSEUM & GARDENS weddings + engagements I often have couples ask what my very favorite type of wedding venues are. My answer is always the same, I love when couples choose to get married... READ MORE ERICA + DAVID weddings + engagements   I have a tendency to rate places I travel based on the coffee shops I fall in love with. I mean, the coffee shops I visit and drink coff... READ MORE JEN + KYLE weddings + engagements Today’s blog is full of mixed emotions. You see, it’s April 1st. This is the start of all things spring-y. Where I live in Cleveland, Ohio, we hav... READ MORE VICTORIA + PAUL weddings + engagements   Victoria and Paul are an extremely cute couple. I suppose that becomes pretty obvious if you just take one or two glances at them in som... READ MORE JULIA + MATTHEW weddings + engagements Weddings are emotional days. Before you accuse me of stating the obvious, I will make my case to just how emotional they can be... You have a couple... READ MORE
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