VEGAN-ISH personal I'm often asked about how I eat and why my diet looks like it does so I thought I'd share a bit of a personal blog today. I'm also asked, abou... READ MORE Merry Christmas, from our family to yours personal Just a simple note as we approach the Christmas holiday and the turning of a new year. I want to say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be... READ MORE FROM OUR FAMILY, TO YOURS personal   It has been a beautiful and very FULL year. I am continually grateful for the beautiful brides, couples, wedding vendors and photographer... READ MORE PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES personal So South Florida is an odd duck. The wedding season here is backward. In most places in America, you’ll find a flood of bridal activity from May to ... READ MORE LITERARY BLISS + MY FAVORITE QUOTES personal Today's blog post is a personal one. Life (and work) has been so very busy that when I sat down trying to decide which photography events I wanted t... READ MORE OH DEAR, HOW DID I GET HERE?? education Although blogging is always one of my constant goals, and this year is no different, it can sometimes be a little bit of a stretch to stay on top of... READ MORE BLAH, BLAH, BLOGGING AND OTHER TERRIFYING 2017 GOALS personal I have to say, I am still caught in the conundrum of all things south Florida. You see, I have this internal clock thing that happens in January eve... READ MORE CREATING THE CHRISTMAS CARD (THE EPIC DRAMA) personal Allow me to set the stage. Christmas is a really big deal in our home. I am a carol singing, light viewing, It's a Wonderful Life crying kinda woman... READ MORE REMEMBERING THE WHY personal As a wedding photographer, I have found that when you attend further education conferences in photography world, something that will come up over an... READ MORE MY DEAREST MATTHEW personal So, last week I met my first hurricane. Its name was Matthew. I have long stood solid on the fact that when you both name a storm and then proceed t... READ MORE
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