Why tell your love story? & Why Us?

      Weddings are personal. They’re emotional. And they’re all about commitment and trust.

      But in the midst of all this ‘happily ever after’ it can get a tad… overwhelming. Where do you begin? What do you do first? Oh, wait. That’s where you are RIGHT NOW?

      Grab a cup of tea or coffee put your feet up (cause that sounds super fancy and relaxing). We have put together a FREE DOWNLOAD of the top 5 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING to help you along your wedding planning journey. Scroll down for the guide, tips, ideas, and freebies! 

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      The short list
      …of the MEGA good qualities your friends at Dragonfly possess
      • We are a fine art + editorial photography company (aka, we like really pretty things and real moments at the same time)
      • We believe all adventures must include coffee (duh)
      • Printed images + wedding albums are how love stories should be told
      • Chocolate = Happiness (because, hello)
      • Home is California (hey, it’s our only cool factor, worth mentioning… send us t-shirts)
      • There is lots of laughter around here
      • In-N-Out is EVERYTHING (feel free to ship us some of that too. k…thanks)
      • There perhaps, has been wedding dress obsessing from time to time (almost always awkwardly and fairly loudly)
      • Oona cries on wedding days (all. the. time.)
      Owner of Dragonfly Photography Fine ART Wedding Photography
      Other Vendors
      Pricing + Destination travel
      My significant other and I feel so awkward in front of the camera? I'm concerned it's going to show in the pictures?

      Pinky promise, except for a choice few (we see you supermodels!) most people feel that way. The thing you need to focus on is... there is a HUGE difference between posing for selfies and family photographs and working with a professional photographer. In our case, you can add to that fact that we'll probably laugh a whole lot more than we will tell you to "smile for the camera".

      An engagement session is one of the best ways to prepare for your wedding day photography coverage. Once you (and your fiancé) get a feel for what it's like hanging in front of our cameras it'll take all the wedding day photography stress away. Promise. ;)

      How far out should I book my wedding photographer?

      Wedding photographers tend to book out pretty far in advance, sometimes up to two years. One reason for this is that our schedules tend to fill pretty quickly. For instance, a florist might be able to accommodate more than one wedding per Saturday whereas we only take one event per weekend and book a limited number of events per year.

      As a general rule, you'll want to book your wedding photographer as one of your first vendors.

      How do I know what to wear to an engagement session?

      Oh, we got you boo. ;) We give our brides a plethora of engagement planning ideas and style guides... just ask!

      How far out should I book my wedding planner?

      If you're planning on working with a wedding planner there is little reason to wait. They should be one of the first vendors you commit to for both availability reasons and also, why go it alone? Wedding planning can be tough! Get the people you LOVE on your team, quick! :)

      Do you have recommendations on other vendors?

      Ridiculous amounts of them. A team of vendors can make or break a wedding day. Having the right team of quality, professional, caring vendors is beyond important. We are more than happy to recommend brilliant professionals even if you aren't our bride.

      Why? Because a. caring about a person's wedding day is our lifeblood and b. awesome wedding vendors are our favorite and we love bragging on them. Drop us an email with questions/help/requests and we'll do all we can to be there for you.

      What are the most important things to book first?

      Photographer (oh, hey!) wedding venue and wedding planner. Or a mix up of those three.

      This is because we are usually the three vendors that get booked up the quickest so it's important to get your date locked in. Also, picking a wedding venue is going to affect EVERYTHING about the look and theme of your wedding day. It's a really a foundational piece. But again, talk to us and/or your wedding planner if you feel stuck because we might have venue ideas you haven't even thought of.

      How much do you charge? I'm afraid you're out of our budget?

      Our wedding collections begin at $3,500 and our elopement/intimate wedding packages begin at $2,100. Most brides spend around $5,000 with us but it all depends on what your needs are and what you value for your photography coverage.

      Don't ever be afraid to chat with us about your particular situation. If it looks like we are genuinely out of reach for your budget, we will do our best to recommend a photographer in your area who might be a perfect fit for you!

      What is your WHY? What can I expect?

      To us, wedding photography is about a relationship. More than anything, that one word – relationship – sums up what Dragonfly Photography is all about. We will be all about getting to know you as a bride and you both as a couple.

      There is also a solid chance we may become way too involved with your family drama (and be on your side, clearly) because in the end... when you hire our team you're inviting us in to be a part of the most important day of your life. That is NOT lost on us on any of us.

      Where are you located? Do you travel for destination weddings?

      We currently split our time between West Palm Beach, Cleveland, and Los Angeles, but also travel to other destinations frequently. What that means for you is that if your wedding is near West Palm, Southern California or the Cleveland area it's not considered a "destination" no matter where in the world we might be traveling from. But we also love destination weddings as well and are open to travel wherever our schedule allows.

      How much are travel fees for my destination wedding?

      It entirely depends on when, where and how long. Generally, we will charge airfare, lodging, and transportation. We do not charge for time "away" and we love traveling often, so try to quote as reasonably as possible.

      Is it worth the investment?

      When it's all said and done you'll have two things after your wedding day. A happily ever after marriage (this is the REALLY BIG DEAL) and your wedding images.

      In a world where profile images can be a big focus we hope you see your wedding photography as a legacy, one you're leaving to your grandchildren. Yes, grandchildren.

      Technology changes, as hard as it is to believe Facebook probably won't exist in another generation. We include tangible printed images in every wedding collection we have. Why? Because legacy matters to us and we think it does to you too. A beautiful wedding album that you can touch and feel, share your love story with the ones you love and pass on to the next generation, MATTERS.

      Yes, we believe photography one of the most important investments on your wedding day.