“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

Why love stories?

To us, wedding photography is about a relationship. More than anything, that one word – relationship – sums up what Dragonfly Photography is all about.

Weddings are personal. They’re emotional. And they’re all about commitment and trust. The idea that you chose vendors on your wedding day not just to “perform a service” but to stand alongside you in creating a moment that tells your love story is huge to us.

You’re trying to create something that represents who you are as a couple, that celebrates new beginnings and family. Something that started as a dream, and is now becoming a reality. For us, that’s the thing that makes ‘wedding photography’ less of a thing, and more of a relationship.

Our clients are unique. They’re amazing. Our couples love traditions, and legacy is highly important to them but they are adventurous and willing to explore and try new things. They are madly in love with each other. They love gathering with people, they love food and friends and all things ‘together’. They’re laid back, their fun, they’re the kinda people you want in your life.

If that’s you, or you smiled really big at something in that paragraph we’d love to chat and grab a cup of coffee. Oh ya, our clients love coffee. Did we mention that? 😉

Why Us?
  • Storytelling is one of our favorite things
  • We are a fine art photography studio (aka, we like really pretty things)
  • An editorial photography style is how we tell stories (aka, we like real moments just as much as pretty things)
  • We believe adventures
  • We are coffee valuers (and hopefully you are too)
  • Printed images, wedding albums, and pretty tangible things generally make us cry with joy
  • Chocolate = Happiness (because, hello)
  • Home is California (hey, it’s our only cool factor, worth mentioning… send us t-shirts)
  • We believe in love stories
  • There is lots of laughter around here
  • In-N-Out is everything (feel free to ship us some of that too. k…thanks)
  • We believe in real craftsmanship
  • There perhaps, has been wedding dress obsessing from time to time (almost always awkwardly and fairly loudly)
  • Having four seasons gives us life
  • Our favorite photographs will always be the ones with real emotion
  • We cry on wedding days (all. the. time.)

Education is our favorite

Planning a wedding day can be very complicated and full of never-ending decisions. Grab a cup of tea or coffee put your feet up (just cause that sounds super fancy and relaxing) and have a read on some of our blogs written to give you some wedding planning tips and tricks. Things like how do we feel about first looks (spoiler alert; we think they’re awesome) why a wedding album matters and how to find the perfect venue.

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Say Hello

Forget all this ‘reading more’ nonsense, you’ve heard all you need to and you know we’re going all get along swimmingly. You’re ready to jump in and spend some time chatting about all things wedding. This would be the place to go for you. Tell us a little about you or just give a shout, either way, we’re feeling all kinda fancy when you say hello and we get to make new friends.

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Who We are

Have a read all about the main face behind Dragonfly Photography and a little about the passion that started this crazy idea of documenting people’s love stories. Also included; random coffee facts, how to drink tea properly, and where to find the nearest museum.

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Dragonfly Photography Fine Art and Editorial Wedding Photography
Dragonfly Photography Fine Art and Editorial Wedding Photography
Dragonfly Photography Fine Art and Editorial Wedding Photography

an image allows you to remember a moment in a way you cannot forget

“But wait, did you see what she did??” A few thoughts on planning a unique wedding in a copycat world…

1. It’s about the marriage
In the midst of the enormous task of wedding planning it’s really very easy to lost sight of the actual point of the wedding; to get married. I always encourage my brides and grooms to not lose sight of the idea that you’re marrying your best friend. In the end of all the details and problems and vendors, you will hopefully end up married. You MUST have a sense of humor in planning. Don’t forget your date nights and just being together. Although I realize that time is hard to come by and it’s a huge temptation to get into the habit of every time you sit down together talking about wedding plans. Stop it. Seriously, nothing is more important than actually liking the person you’re marrying. Not even the dreaded seating arrangements. I promise. 😉

2.Something has got to give
Everyone has a wedding budget. Everyone. They may be separated by hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we all have price points that we’re comfortable spending on our big day.

One of the most important things you can do in planning and budgeting your wedding is making a list of priorities. Right at the very beginning of planning, I suggest you sit down with your significant other and write it out. DON’T write prices by each item, just talk about what’s important to both of you. When you have a clear vision of what needs to be a priority on your wedding day it will make it all that simpler when you have to say no to something else. And chances are you probably will. Very few people don’t have to compromise for the sake of budget somewhere. It can become really overwhelming when you’re surrounded by so many options. But if you already know what your priorities are it becomes really easy to see where the bulk of your money needs to go and it makes it an easy decision.

3. Pinterest is your bff and your worse nightmare
Ah Pinterest. A brides dream. Or not. Before you all stop reading and call me a hater let me explain. I scroll through pin after pin with the best of them. I love seeing venues, beautiful photography, ideas and wedding trends. Here are the two issues I see with Pinterest…

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