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      Deep Woods Wedding weddings + engagements As a photographer who is new to the West Palm Beach, Florida area (I relocated from Southern California a bit over a year ago), I'm getting use to a... READ MORE Sneak Peek Deep Woods Wedding weddings + engagements Eeeeeeeekkkkk. I think I start far too many blogs with that sentiment. However, this time I'm quite sure I mean it. Enough that I may need to say it... READ MORE Awesome people, coffee + random walls weddings + engagements Every once in a while there is a session that is just... fabulous. Well, let me start over. I'm sure you all know I pretty much adore my clients. I ... READ MORE Mary + Eric weddings + engagements Mary + Eric absolutely adored each other. You could see it with every glance they gave each other. This Fort Lauderdale lifestyle wedding was uniqu... READ MORE Janelle + Gabriel weddings + engagements I love weddings. I really do. I'm just utterly, hopelessly, a pure romantic I think. I can't help it, each wedding is so special in its own right. I... READ MORE Stephanie + Andres weddings + engagements What a fun and beautiful outdoor wedding this was! I mean, who wouldn't get married outdoors when you live in the incredible south Florida weather a... READ MORE Erica + Gerald weddings + engagements Being that it's Valentine's day weekend, I felt like it was only appropriate to blog an engagement session. But not just any engagement session. Oh ... READ MORE Sarah and Jake weddings + engagements Oh this wedding. Let's start out by saying I'm a sucker for weddings. I am, I'm a closet romantic I think. There is something so special about seein... READ MORE A Wedding on a Beautiful Note weddings + engagements I believe there is some sort of blogging etiquette somewhere that states something along the lines of, less is more when it comes to your images. Al... READ MORE